Flowers, fruits, flavors…

Come and discover the "exotic" flowers in their natural environment: porcelain roses, arums (wild), anthuriums, strelitzias (birds of paradise), alamandas, frangipani and many others ... a festival of colors for delight you
Close to Cazadodo, and among our favorite parks, we invite you to discover the Mascarins botanical conservatory, in Saint Leu, the Garden of Eden , or even the Domaine du Café Grillé
Mascarin, the botanical garden of Reunion

To enhance your stay, we offer bananas and papayas from the garden, with a sweet and subtle taste that ripen almost all year round. At the Etang Salé market , on Sunday morning, you will discover the famous Victoria pineapple, passion fruit, letchis, pitayas, mangoes, tropical avocados, scrunchies, and so many other flavors to discover.

We also offer you (see option) to cook a Creole meal together, and thus learn the basics of Creole cuisine that we taste together, in a convivial atmosphere.